More results than you ever thought was possible—through video communicaiton

the Video message

The strength of GS Whitney's knowledge, professionalism and practice is among the best in the business. Our performance has built a very solid reputation for producing results. The company's creative use of video / media, financial contacts, along with our combined database of business editors, analysts and leading decision makers, offers the depth and breadth of major Investor Relations agencies without their high overhead costs.

Standing out from the rest  of the crowd is easier when you’re standing right in front of them, and that’s what GS Whitney's media and video work is all about.

At GS Whitney we understand that social networking is the most significant business development since the development of the PC. During the last three years, social networking transformed from a personal communications tool for teens into a powerful vehicle that business leaders are using to transform communications with their stake holders and clients. At the heart of business social networking is the power and influence of video.  It is one of the best way to showcase your company's value.
We offer three video tools:

  1. Video Emails––Video platforms play a critical role in disseminating a company's story and this includes company and stock awareness. Perhaps more importantly than its impact on SEO (search engine optimization) are the results video has had in generating the desired response from target markets. A study from the Web Video Marketing Council suggests that the use of video embedded in an email is a powerful tool, with 88 percent reporting that email with integrated video improves campaign performance, 76 percent acknowledging that it generates high click-through rates, and 72 percent believing that their prospective clients are more likely to buy after viewing video content sent via an email.

  2. Video Interviews–– It’s all about giving your business exposure by showcasing your company, raising your credibility and building rapport with your targeted audience. Getting your message across is much harder to do online than it is face-to-face, therefore, being interviewed is a great way to get closer to your online audience.

  3. A Corporate Video–– We have extensive experience in producing and marketing corporate videos for telling the company story to better engage their clients and investors. We work with corporations, executives and professionals to promote their company and investment opportunity. Our unique approach and expertise delivers videos and marketing with significant impact on our clients’ business and ROI.